List of all known achievements, and secret achievements.

Name Description Reward Points
Aced ItWin a forge without losing a game.100 Icon shiftstone50
Bring Them BackPlay 100 units from the Void75 Icon gold100
Draft: SilverEarn silver in draft for any season.200 Icon gold50
Draft: GoldEarn gold in draft for any season.500 Icon gold100
Draft: DiamondEarn diamond in draft for any season.1000Icon gold200
Draft: MasterEarn Master in draft for any season.3000Icon gold300
Arm WrestleTransform 30 units into Stone Cudgels.100 Icon gold50
Battle for the ThronePlay all 5 Scions.75 Icon gold20
Bigger is BetterWin a game with a 150 card deck.75 Icon gold50
BOOM!Kill an opponent with a Firebomb.100 Icon gold100
Call the AncientsPlay 4 Titans from Call of the Ancients20 Icon gold50
DestinedPlay 30 units with Destiny75 Icon gold50
EasyWin a game in 4 turns or less.20 Icon gold20
Empty the ChamberDeal 1000 damage.50 Icon gold20
Heavy ArtilleryDeal 100000 damage.100 Icon gold50
Mass DestructionDeal 1000000 damage.2500Icon gold100
ExecutedKill an opponent with The Last Word’s Ultimate.50 Icon gold20
Expand your MindDraw 100 extra cards.50 Icon gold50
ExpendableSacrifice 5 units in a single turn.50 Icon gold20
Fire!Kill 5 or more units in a single turn with Marshal Ironthorn.50 Icon gold50
Going OffUse 100 Ultimate abilities.75 Icon gold50
Heal UpGain 100 health.50 Icon gold20
Stay HealthyGain 1000 health.100 Icon gold50
OverhealGain 100000 health.2500Icon gold100
HealthyWin with 999 health in a Gauntlet game.20 Icon gold20
So SatisfyingReduce an opponent's health to -999 in Gauntlet20 Icon gold20
PowerfulPlay 10 power in a single turn.50 Icon gold20
HushSilence 50 units.75 Icon gold50
Join the FightWin 100 PvP games.75 Icon gold50
BattlemasterWin 500 PvP games.200 Icon gold200
Veteran of WarWin 1000 PvP games.5000Icon gold500
Hand of the ThroneWin 10000 PvP games.75 Icon gold50
Join TogetherWin a game with a 5 faction deck.50 Icon gold20
Minor CasualtiesKill 100 units.50 Icon gold20
Killing SpreeKill 1000 units.100 Icon gold50
OverkillKill 10000 units.2500Icon gold200
Lucky PullPlay a legendary card in draft.75 Icon gold100
Mind GamesWin a Gauntlet game by running your opponent out of cards.20 Icon gold20
NopeNegate 50 spells.75 Icon gold50
Still NoNegate 500 spells.100 Icon gold200
Play with FriendsWin a friend challenge.20 Icon gold20
Playing with ToysPlay 300 Grenadin.50 Icon gold50
Pledge to EilynWin 1000 PvP games with a Primal deck.800 Icon shiftstone200
Pledge to KalebWin 1000 PvP games with a Fire deck.800 Icon shiftstone200
Pledge to RolantWin 1000 PvP games with a Justice deck.800 Icon shiftstone200
Pledge to TalirWin 1000 PvP games with a Time deck.800 Icon shiftstone200
Pledge to VaraWin 1000 PvP games with a Shadow deck.800 Icon shiftstone200
Ranked Streak: 3Win 3 ranked games in a row.100 Icon gold50
Ranked Streak: 5Win 5 ranked games in a row.250 Icon gold100
Ranked Streak: 10Win 10 ranked games in a row.1000Icon gold300
Ranked: SilverEarn Silver in ranked for any season.200 Icon gold50
Ranked: GoldEarn Gold in ranked for any season.500 Icon gold100
Ranked: DiamondEarn Diamond in ranked for any season.1000Icon gold200
Ranked: MasterEarn Master in ranked for any season.2000Icon gold300
RecycleDraw 100 cards from the void.75 Icon gold100
RibbitTransform 100 units into Frogs.75 Icon gold50
Skill UpPlay a unit that has 10 or more Battle Skills.50 Icon gold50
SmashKill 50 enemy attachments.50 Icon gold20
Smashing SpreeKill 500 enemy attachments.75 Icon gold100
Snowball FightDeal 100 damage with Snowballs.20 Icon gold50
So ShinyPlay a game with 5 or more Shimmerpacks in play at the same time.75 Icon gold100
Spy GamesInfiltrate 100 times.100 Icon gold50
Stand GuardPlay 50 Sentinels.75 Icon gold50
Stranger ThingsPlay 100 Strangers.50 Icon gold50
Stroke of MidnightWin a game with all four Pale Riders in play.75 Icon gold20
That’s MineSteal 100 cards.75 Icon gold50
The Parliament has SpokenPlay 3 Flying Owls from The Great Parliament in a single turn.50 Icon gold50
They’re Free!Earn all 4 copies of a single Promo card.75 Icon gold20
They’re So CuteTransform 50 units into Pigs.100 Icon gold100
Too FastPlay 500 fast spells during your opponent’s turn.100 Icon gold200
UndefeatedWin a draft without losing a game.200 Icon shiftstone100
Draft ExpertWin 5 drafts without losing a game.800 Icon shiftstone200
Eternal DrafterWin 50 drafts without losing a game.3200Icon shiftstone500
Weapon RackPlay 100 weapons.50 Icon gold50
Learn the Real StoryPlay as Caiphus in the Campaign.800 Icon gold100
Jekk's BountyComplete Jekk's Bounty Campaign800 Icon shiftstone100
Forge MasterGet to Master rank in Forge800 Icon shiftstone50
Forge ExpertWin 5 forges without losing a game.200 Icon shiftstone100
Gauntlet MasterGet to Master in Gauntlet1000Icon gold50

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