Aegis: Protected from one enemy spell or effect.


Aegis will not protect a unit from the effect of Deadly or from your own effects.

Aegis will protect a unit against an enemy silence effect while it's on the board, but not in the Void, deck or hand.

Aegis will not protect you from the Bombs generated by Light the Fuse Light the Fuse since they come from your deck, with Destiny, you play them, so they are not an enemy effect.

Aegis will not protect against killer attacks.

Aegis will protect attachments on units or players(e.g. trying to use the Ruin Ruin spell to destroy an attachment will only pop Aegis if the unit or player has it).


Nothing here yet!

Cards with Aegis

Aerial Ace
Borderlands Waykeeper
Champion of Cunning
Copperhall Elite
Crownwatch Paladin
Eilyn's Favor
Icaria, the Liberator
Mistveil Drake
Rilgon, Hooru Operative
Silverwing Familiar
Stand Together
Steadfast Deputy
Throne Warden
Valkyrie Wings
West-Wind Herald

Related Cards

Call the Ancients
Mistveil Drake

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