Azindel, the Wayfinder
Azindel, the Wayfinder
Set Azindel's Way
Type Unit
Subtype Mystic
Cost 4
Req. Icon req T Icon req T Icon req S Icon req S
Attack 0
Health 5
Rarity Icon promo Promo
+1 Maximum Power
When another unit enters the void increase this ability by 1.
He knows many paths through the endless wastes, though the way back can be difficult to remember.[1]

Azindel, the Wayfinder is a Unit.

How to Get Edit

Type Creation Destruction
Promo Icon shiftstone 600 Icon shiftstone 100
Premium Icon shiftstone 2400 Icon shiftstone 400

This card can be obtained by winning matches during it's promotional period, otherwise it can be crafted.

Strategy Edit

Play with a bunch of easy to die units and ways to kill your opponent's units, to ramp into Vara, Fate-Touched Vara, Fate-Touched or another big card to bring your dead units back.


The ability will increase when enemy units enter The Void as well.

Gallery Edit