Here Are some useful templates, loosely organized by use. Keeping a list here is easier than just updating my forum thread post (outdated) constantly.

Cards Edit

Templates to display Cards in someway.

  • Template:Card- Displays a card image, with a link to the card page. Really simple, but repetitive. Code is {{Card|CARDNAME}}
  • Template:Card3- Used to put 3 cards in a row. Needed for formatting. Can also show 1 or 2 cards in same formatting if 2nd or 3rd variable is ignored. Uses an invisible table, so will get shoved down if there's a CardInfobox to its right for example. Code: {{Card3|CARD1|CARD2|CARD3}}
  • Template:CardInfobox- Infobox for cards. That's it, just a couple of the labels renamed. Uses outdated infobox template, but new version looks super crappy displaying card info. Check page if you want code. Ton of variables.
    Use <br/> or <br> if you want to make a linebreak. (also makes a line break and keeps items on the same bullet point)
  • Template:CardHover- Uses all hover CSS stuff. When you Hover over a card link that uses this template, a popup of the card appears to the right. Can repurpose some of this code into "spoiler text" if it's necessary. Code: {{CardHover|CARDNAME}}
  • Template:LinkHover- Basically CardHover, except you can mess with the text, but it still links/shows card you want, rather than just the name of the card. Code: {{LinkHover|CARDNAME|Text Shown}}

Tables Edit

Easier to make a table line template, then copy and paste and fix a table line every time.

  • Template:TabLine- Used for sortable tables with 4 values. Code: {{TabLine|CARDNAME|Mana Cost(#)|Rarity|Type}}
  • Template:Spoiler- Used to hide spoilers of story or content. Code: {{Spoiler|Content in Spoiler|Optional Prefix to Header}}


  • Template:Icon You can make any of the 5 sigil symbols using this as well as HP, ATK, and Armor. It's flexible, and will take any of up to three inputs for the sigils. (Sigil Name, Sigil Color or First Letter of Sigil) Code: {{Icon|SIGIL}}

Example: 'fire', 'red', and 'f', will all produce Icon req F, and it's not even case sensitive. Same for the other 4 sigils. You can also add commas inbetween to do multiple. So {{Icon|S,F,P,J,T}} spits out: Icon req S Icon req F Icon req P Icon req J Icon req T.


  • Template:Refs is a template that places down a title and a reference list. Example: {{refs}}
  • Template:Stub is used to point out stubs. Needs some tweaking. Example: {{Stub|Card}}
  • Template:Crafting is used to explain how to obtain a card. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Promo are acceptable inputs. Example: {{Crafting|Uncommon}}
  • Template:Quote displays a quote in a box.
  • Template:Main - This is a simple template to direct readers to another page for the main article on the subject.

Maintenance Edit

Templates and modules here are used in other templates.

  • Template:Rollover- Uses first part of hover CSS. Really glitchy and works weirdly. Used by CardHover/old (don't use by itself.) Meant for use on images, I forced it onto text.