Factions are terms for the 5 individual Infuences and their combinations. These terms are typically used for flavor and story-building, however cards in the same faction may share themes of similar keywords and abilities.

Note that over time some abilities that were previously tied to a specific faction may bleed into other influences' cards. For example, the Warcry skill originally appeared only on Fire/Justice Rakano cards in the base set but began to show up on Shadow cards in The Dusk Road.

Basic Factions Edit

These factions refer to and share the names of the 5 Influence types:

Two Influence Factions Edit

Other Factions Edit

There are currently no other named multi-influence factions but that could change with new set releases and as the story evolves.

See Also Edit

Some themes and unit types appear in multiple (or all) influences, however they are not terms for nor define those influence combinations.