Flying: Can only be blocked by other units with flying.


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Cards with FlyingEdit

Name Effect Card Type Icon atk Icon hp Cost Required
Accelerated EvolutionAccelerated Evolution Echo; A unit gets +1/+1 and your choice of Flying or Endurance Spell
Icon mp 2
T P -
Icaria, the LiberatorIcaria, the Liberator Flying, Aegis, Charge, Endurance, Warcry 5 Unit 5 5
Icon mp 7
Psionic SavantPsionic Savant Flying; When you draw a card, Psionic Savant gets +1/+1. Unit 1 1
Icon mp 5
P -
Pteriax HatchlingPteriax Hatchling Flying, Echo Unit 2 1
Icon mp 3
T P -
Renegade ValkyrieRenegade Valkyrie Flying, Double Damge Unit 1 2
Icon mp 4
F J -
Serpent TrainerSerpent Trainer Flying; Infiltrate-Play a 2/2 Serpent HatchlingSerpent Hatchling with Flying Unit 2 2
Icon mp 4
S P -
SkysnapperSkysnapper Flying Unit 2 2
Icon mp 1
P S -
ThunderbirdThunderbird Flying Unit 2 2
Icon mp 2
P -
Thunderstrike DragonThunderstrike Dragon Flying, Echo Unit 5 5
Icon mp 7
P P -
Valkyrie EnforcerValkyrie Enforcer Flying; Summon-Silence another unit. Unit 3 3
Icon mp 3
JJ -
Valkyrie WingsValkyrie Wings Flying Weapon 1 1
Icon mp 1
J -
Worldpyre PhoenixWorldpyre Phoenix Flying; Entomb-Draw Worldpyre Phonix from the Void with +2/+2 and cost increased by 2. Unit 5 5
Icon mp 6
FF -
Accelerated Evolution
Serpent Trainer
Icaria, the Liberator
Psionic Savant
Pteriax Hatchling
Renegade Valkyrie
Thunderstrike Dragon
Valkyrie Enforcer
Valkyrie Wings
Worldpyre Phoenix

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