See Also, Skills and Battle Skills
Keyword abilities on cards are bolded text used in place of multiple words. Hovering over cards with keywords in game will bring up a box, either above or to the side, explaining what they do.

Skills Edit

Skills is a term in the game that refers to a specific set of keywords (and their subset Battle Skills). Skill keywords will always do the same thing wherever they appear. Cards that refer to Skills, for example the card Crown of PossibilitiesCrown of Possibilities, do not refer to non-Skill keywords.

Trigger Keywords Edit

These keywords are shorthand for triggers, circumstances where something else will happen - the effect is defined on the individual card. For example, while Dark WispDark Wisp, Soulfire DrakeSoulfire Drake, and Claw of the First DragonClaw of the First Dragon all have Entomb, what happens when those cards are killed varies wildly.

Other Keywords Edit

Related Cards Edit

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