The Market:
Merchants allow you to store up to five cards in your Market when you build a deck. When cards are retrieved from a Market, they are drawn.

Using a Merchant to access the Market.

Playing a Merchant prompts you to choose the cards to swap.

The Market is a zone mechanic and its associated keyword, similar to the sideboard used in many card games. The five cards in your Market are not drawn normally, instead they are interacted with by Merchants to give you flexibility in deckbuilding. Your opponent cannot see your Market.

Market UI during gameplay.

The Market icon appears near your deck. Click it to see your Market cards at any time.

The Market is a zone separate from your deck, hand and void, so cards and abilities that would affect those zones (such as Warcry Warcry:
When this attacks, the top unit or weapon of your deck gets +1/+1.
) do not affect cards in the Market. [1] Cards swapped into your Market during gameplay may be swapped back out by another Merchant later in the game. They remain in your Market until interacted with or the game ends. If a temporary card, such as one of BoreBore's copies created from its effect, is added to your Market, it will remain there (even if it was supposed to be discarded).

Deckbuilding with a Market.

Cards added to the Market appear in its tab and show the Market icon above them.

Markets only appear in deck construction when you add a Merchant to your deck. The Market appears as a separate tab in the deckbuilder's standard layout, while collection cards added the Market have the Market icon above them. Market cards appear at the end of the decklist in the advanced deckbuilder view. You can at most four copies of any non-Sigil card between your Market and your deck. When adding a Merchant to a Draft deck you may only add other drafted cards to your Market. Merchants do not appear in Forge mode.

The Market first appeared with the Merchants in Fall of Argenport. Currently they are the only way to interact with the Market.

Strategy Edit

Nothing here yet!

Notes Edit

Cards added to your hand from your Market count as being drawn, which will trigger effects such as Fate Fate:
Does something when drawn.
, Echo Echo:
Get an additional copy when drawn.
and Inspire Inspire:
Does something to units you draw.

Power cards in the Market are considered to be in the factions of the influence they create. Multi-faction cards can be swapped by any Merchant of any of their factions.

Cards with Market Edit

Ixtun Merchant
Winchest Merchant
Auralian Merchant
Kerendon Merchant
Jennev Merchant


The Market was first revealed in a Fall of Argenport spoiler reveal by DWD. [2]


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