Nictotraxian is a Hero Unit.

How to Get Edit

Beat the fourth mission in Jekk's Bounty, "Stolen Goods".

Strategy Edit

You can play Nictotraxian is a Control deck where, you try to outvalue and outlast your opponent with cards like Harsh RuleHarsh Rule until you get all (using Seek PowerSeek Power) 5 Influence to play Nictotraxian with and use her to win the game.

Another deck is a Icon req P Icon req S reanimation deck where you discard Nictotraxian with a discard card such as such as Herald's SongHerald's Song, then bring Nictotraxian back using Grasping at ShadowsGrasping at Shadows or Vara, Fate-TouchedVara, Fate-Touched.


The random card will have influence costs stripped from it.

You can get Power cards as the random card.

Nictotraxian's name means "Blink-Dragger" in Latin.

Nictotraxian is a female Dragon.

Nictotraxian's voice line "Clank, clank, thieves; I can hear you." is a reference to the board game by Dire Wolf Digital, Clank, where Nictotraxian is a force that will sometimes attack thieves.

Artist Edit