Oni Ronin is a Unit.

How to Get Edit

Type Creation Destruction
Common Icon shiftstone 100 Icon shiftstone 2
Premium Icon shiftstone 800 Icon shiftstone 25
This card can also be obtained from Card Packs. Diamond Chests and Card Packs can give Premium versions of this card.

Voiceovers Edit

On Play:"Die with honor."

Strategy Edit

A staple in aggro decks, Oni Ronin is the lowest-cost WarcryWarcry:
When this attacks, the top unit or weapon of your deck gets +1/+1.
unit in the game.

Its low cost and 2 attack make it a perfect candidate for early boards, since every time he attacks he'll buff the top unit or weapon in your deck. To try and keep him alive, low cost removal like TorchTorch can be useful to remove blockers (or at least to trade well). Depending on the other factions it is paired with, certain SpellSpells:
A one-time effect that costs power and goes to the void once played. Some spells are fast and can be played during the enemy player's turn as well.
or AttachmentAttachments:
Attachments are played on units and players and remain until they are killed. They include weapons which grant stats, curses which attach to enemies, and relics which attach to players.
cards can help it through.

Created By Edit

Shogun's Scepter
Kyojun, Grand Shugo

Notes Edit

Was one of the first known cards from the game (along with Hellhound (Beta)Hellhound (Beta)).

Gallery Edit

Oni Ronin Alpha

Alpha Oni Ronin