Praxis Outlaw
Praxis Outlaw
Set Jekk's Bounty
Type Unit
Subtype Mage Rogue
Cost 3
Req. Icon req F
Attack 3
Health 1
Rarity Icon uncommon Uncommon
At the end of your turn, if you have no cards in your hand, draw Praxis Outlaw from your deck.
End of the road, friend.

Praxis Outlaw is a Unit.

How to Get Edit

Beat the first mission in Jekk's Bounty, "Rogues and Ruffians".

Strategy Edit

Play this in a deck that can empty its hand really quickly, either an aggressive deck with a low curve, or a deck that discards its cards using a card like Feln Cauldron Feln Cauldron and could use the extra cards.

It can also be used to counter Control decks that discard your hand with cards like Azindel's Gift Azindel's Gift. The discard occurs before Praxis Outlaw's effect activates.

If aggressive decks do run this card, they run it as a 1 of to give them a bit of extra steam and to decrease the chances of drawing it earlier in the game.


Only one Praxis Outlaw will be drawn from your deck if your hand is empty at the end of your turn.

Praxis Outlaw appears to trigger the last out of "End of Turn" effects, as it will trigger after Azindel's Gift Azindel's Gift.

Artist Edit