Primal Fury is the premade Primal deck, awarded for completing the Primal tutorial campaign. At 82 cards, it is the largest of the tutorial decks. It is based primarily around flying units, supplemented with some control and card draw.


# Name
4 Cloudsnake Hatchling

Cloudsnake Hatchling

3 East-Wind Herald

East-Wind Herald

4 Eilyn's Favor

Eilyn's Favor

4 Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike

2 Cobalt Acolyte

Cobalt Acolyte

2 Ice Sprite

Ice Sprite

1 Mirror Image

Mirror Image

1 Polymorph


4 Scaly Gruan

Scaly Gruan

3 Thunder Bird


3 Wisdom of the Elders

Wisdom of the Elders

3 Jarall's Frostkin


1 Crystallize


1 Jotun Hurler

Jotun Hurler

3 Primal Incarnation

Primal Incarnation

1 Staff of Stories

Staff of Stories

3 Windshaper


3 Araktodon


1 Thunderstrike Dragon

Thunderstrike Dragon

1 Channel the Tempest

Channel the Tempest

1 Eilyn, Queen of the Winds


1 Skycrag Wyvarch

Skycrag Wyvarch

32 Primal Sigil

Primal Sigil

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