Primal Fury is the premade Primal deck, awarded for completing the Primal tutorial campaign. At 82 cards, it is the largest of the tutorial decks. It is based primarily around flying units, supplemented with some control and card draw.


# Name
4 Cloudsnake HatchlingCloudsnake Hatchling
3 East-Wind HeraldEast-Wind Herald
4 Eilyn's FavorEilyn's Favor
4 Lightning StrikeLightning Strike
2 Cobalt AcolyteCobalt Acolyte
2 Ice SpriteIce Sprite
1 Mirror ImageMirror Image
1 PolymorphPolymorph
4 Scaly GruanScaly Gruan
3 Thunder Bird300x300px
3 Wisdom of the EldersWisdom of the Elders
3 Jarall's Frostkin300x300px
1 CrystallizeCrystallize
1 Jotun HurlerJotun Hurler
3 Primal IncarnationPrimal Incarnation
1 Staff of StoriesStaff of Stories
3 WindshaperWindshaper
3 AraktodonAraktodon
1 Thunderstrike DragonThunderstrike Dragon
1 Channel the TempestChannel the Tempest
1 Eilyn, Queen of the Winds300x300px
1 Skycrag WyvarchSkycrag Wyvarch
32 Primal SigilPrimal Sigil