Set Base
Type Spell
Subtype Fast Spell
Cost 2
Req. Icon req J
Rarity Icon common Common
Give a unit or player Aegis.

Protect is a Spell.

How to Get Edit

Nothing here yet!

Strategy Edit

ProtectProtect is a cheap card that often functions as a sort of counterspell for Justice, and you can use it to prevent a spell, effect or even a spell without a target (i.e. Harsh RuleHarsh Rule), from targeting a unit, or yourself in cases of cards like RuinRuin.

You can get additional value by using it with cards like Hero of the PeopleHero of the People or Hooru EnvoyHooru Envoy.

Notes Edit

  • Aegis cannot stop a spell that targets an enemy unit or player.

History Edit

  • 1.28.7[1] - Protect's cost increased from 1 to 2 power.

Artist Edit


  1. Steam News, Patch 1.28.7 - Balance Changes