Set Jekk's Bounty
Type Spell
Cost 2
Req. Icon req F Icon req S
Rarity Icon uncommon Uncommon
Draw one of the top two cards of your deck and reduce its cost by 1. Discard the other.
Shiftstones are used to fuel magic and technology in Myria.

Quarry is a Spell.

How to Get Edit

Beat the seventh mission in Jekk's Bounty, "Grenadin Revolt".

Strategy Edit

This is good in decks that need a good way to filter their topdeck, such as Control or 3+ Faction decks. It is a common inclusion in a Stranger 5-faction deck.

In control, this can help dig for your Win Condition, such as IcariaIcaria, the Liberator and whatever is discarded can can be dug up later with Smuggler's StashSmuggler's Stash.


Artist Edit