This page is for the keyword Silence. For the card, see Silence (card).

Silence: Remove all text from a card and its attachments.


Silence will not remove stat buffs, only the text on the card. However, it will remove Stun from a unit, as long as the unit is not being kept stunned by another card in play.

Silencing a unit will remove the text from their equipped weapons, but will not remove the weapons or the stat buff it provides.

Silence will not remove card text given by other cards. E.g. Infinite HourglassInfinite Hourglass will still give a unit Endurance even if that unit was silenced while both are out.

Silencing an enemy unit with an unbroken Aegis will only remove the Aegis due to targeting, not the rest of the unit's text.

Silence is a permanent effect and persists if a card is sent to the void or brought back into a player's hand.


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Cards with SilenceEdit

Desert Marshal
Steward of Prophecy
Steward of the Past

Valkyrie Enforcer