Stray into Shadow
Stray into Shadow
Set Jekk's Bounty
Type Spell
Cost 5
Req. Icon req S Icon req S
Rarity Icon rare Rare
All units get -4 Icon hp.
Explorers test the edges from time to time, but the ones who push too far don't always come back the same.

Stray into Shadow is a Spell.

How to Get Edit

Beat the thirteenth mission in Jekk's Bounty, "Waking Nightmares".

Strategy Edit

A permanent debuff of Health can stop units that come back from the void, such as DawnwalkerDawnwalker.

It's also a board wipe, similar to Harsh RuleHarsh Rule that can make your low attack units trade better against any survivors.


The health removed is a permanent debuff that will persist across zones.

Artist Edit