The Battleground

The Battleground is the main place where players can battle against AI controlled opponents or go against each other.

Introduction to The Battleground

There are multiple Battlegrounds, So, right off the bat when you join the game, you have to go through The Tutorial, after you have finished the tutorial, you're presented with the very first "beginners" Battleground, which is in the category of "Solo Battles", afterwards you will have access to other Battlegrounds such as the "Versus Battles" battleground.

Solo Battles

In the Solo Battles Battleground you will find 3 main modes, the first one being The Campaign Battleground, this is "the beginners" Battleground, where you will fight against a series of AI controlled opponents in order to unlock and acquire your first set of decks. The next Battleground is, The Gauntlet Battleground, which is also a fight against AI controlled opponents, however, the prize of winning against these is different from the Casual Battleground, the third and last one is The Forge Battleground, in which you will be able to forge or create an unique deck with 25 cards against a series of AI controlled opponents, however, you can keep the cards you choose, also up to mention this last mode can only be played by paying a fixed fee.

Versus Battles

In the Versus Battles Battleground, you will find 3 main modes, the first one being The Casual Battleground [1], where you will face off against other players in a non-competitive environment to win rewards. The second battleground is, The Ranked Battleground, the ranked battleground is the main mode played by everyone around the world, the ranked battleground is where you can have epic battles against other players, progress through the ladder, and win great prizes, in other words, so if you wanna battle to rank to the top and be the #1, this is your place. The third and last battleground is, The Draft Battleground, where you can draft a deck from 4 packs and compete against other players to win rewards.

[1] = Currently this mode is disabled.

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